We offer you engineering services in the field of sanitary and mechanical installations. Normally we use an advanced software of Autodesk such as: Revit MEP, Navisworks, AutoCAD. It gives us possibility to realize BIM assumptions. Thanks to modern design tools, reliability and commitment of our engineers, we deliver design documentation in high quality.

Our offer is addressed to investors, architects and engineering offices. We are able to adjust the form and scope of the cooperation for expectations of our clients.


2D and 3D design mechanical documentation,

We prepare the design documentation for all sanitary and mechanical systems of:

  • plumbing,

  • sewage,

  • ventilation,

  • air-conditioning,

  • cooling,

  • heating,

  • gas,

  • water fire protection,

  • SHEVS,

  • other special.

In addition, we design external systems:

  • plumbing,

  • sewage,

  • district heating,

  • gas.

Our solutions provide collision-free coordination in places with a high degree of complexity in terms of installation, such as plant rooms, garages, roofs, etc.

Created by us 3D documentation can be exported to a CAD program, giving engineering staff the ability to edit the projects.

Along with the project we can provide all of the required formal documents and bill of quantities, takeoffs and specifications.

energy and economic analysis,

We prepare the energy analysis, which describe energy consumption and the costs while running of equipment during the life- cycle of the building. Already at the design stage we present our client variants of installation solutions, specifying their payback period. For our projects we use European and American standards, which allow us to choose the optimal method for the analysis of the problem.

energy audits,

We deliver all of energy descriptions required by directives.

as built documentation 3D,

Our offer includes not only new buildings but also existing. By using laser technology, we create digital models of existing buildings for all industries. If you have a 3D version of project, you can effectively make a decision regarding its operation and modernization.

simulations of the construction 5D,

There is innovative solution to manage process of building construction. Besides the geometric dimensions we add the time dimension and cost dimension. It helps you to consider lots of cases of process and be aware of opportunities. Therefore you can save time and money.

design verification.

We check and analyze the design documentation, supplied by the client. It is a holistic process: from the calculations, by statement of material, to the formal requirements. This gives Investor confidence to avoid problems during the realizations of investment.

We respect copyright, so we do not change projects, but we supply elaboration which allows Author to draw substantive conclusions.

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Although we operate mainly in the field of sanitary and mechanical installations, through the daily collaboration with architects and engineers of other disciplines, we are able to provide a complete design documentation.

If you decide to cooperate with us, you can be sure that all of documentation is prepared by legal software and in accordance with law regulation.

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