We have decided to take part in improvement of design and construction process by application of innovatory tools. Our work is based on modelling information of building – BIM. Using this technology we are not limited by only two dimensions – length and width. This process allows us to consider also depth, time and costs. That is why we can offer flexible solutions and possibility of easy supervising of every stage of documentation.

We believe that together we can create something innovatory.

Why BIM?

Design tools dedicated for BIM allow to set together all information about project in one place. One file contains e.g. drawings, bill of quantity, energy simulation, visualization, etc. The engine of design platform helps to avoid defects typical for software dedicated generally for 2D. Moreover, coordination of architecture, structure and installations is fast as never before. It causes that construction process takes less time, what generates money savings. The three-dimensional documentation allows to easier and faster understanding of all contained information, what is very important especially for contractors and investors.

So… let us take advantages of new dimensions.

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